Image of Legs 1 - limited edition printLimited Edition Prints

Assignment specific or stock images may be commissioned as fine art single prints or editions for individual, commercial and corporate use.

Pigment Prints

Pigment prints are available in sizes up to 60x120 inches, in open or limited editions, unmounted or mounted with several modern methods, including aluminum, Sintra and Fotoplexi.

Where archival dye-based ink sets exhibit excellent color gamut, pigment inks excel in permanence. A dye is molecularly soluble in its vehicle, but pigment is not. Pigment particles tend to be large enough to embed into the receiving substrate making them water-resistant. The particulate nature of pigment inks ensures their archival superiority. A particle of pigment is less susceptible to destructive environmental elements than a dye molecule.

Many digital papers have coatings which enhance color gamut. However, these delicate coatings are susceptible to scuffing and scratching, and diminish the archival properties of the print. Prints made with coated substrates are not considered true digital pigment prints.

Considering the above factors, a digital pigment print is sometimes referred to as a pigmented paper print, as a digital image rendered onto an uncoated, natural fiber substrate with pigment inks.

Limited edition print of the Tiffany building in Miami BeachGelatin Silver Prints

Gelatin silver prints from film negatines are available in sizes up to 11x14 inches and are individually hand processed on Ilford fiber-based paper and toned in selenium. Prints are mounted and matted using acid-free cotton rag-board for optimal preservation to museum quality standards.

The photographs are museum mounted, also known as bottom weighted. With this method, prints are mounted at an equal distance from the top of the mat, leaving a larger margin on the bottom in order to facilitate their display, one beside the other. Edition number, signature and date can be found on the mount below the print.
A sticker with print and process information is placed on the back of each mount.

nudeDigital Negative Gelatin Silver Prints

These prints are made from a digitally captured image that is converted to a large digital negative and contact printed on gelatin silver fiber paper processed in the traditional darkroom using chemical solutions. This painstaking process is worth the work and investment as the resulting prints are exceptional in their beauty. Available in sizes up to 11x14.

Limited edition of the Surfcomber hotel in South BeachLimited edition print of the evergladesLimited edition print of streetlamps in Old San JuanExamples of editioned prints
sold for corporate gifts:

"Surfcomber", edition of 2400
Bank of America

"Everglades", edition of 100
National Parks Service

"Faroles" edition of 50
Office of Puerto Rico, Miami, FL



Other corporate clients include: Saks Fifth Avenue, MetLife, Ritz Carlton Hotels and Citibank.


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